About Us

Dan Earl, Owner Dan spent more than 6 years working in concrete construction, starting as a laborer and working up to foreman of the foundation installation crew. After completing epoxy injection seminars from several manufacturers, Dan was assigned crack repair duties and quickly recognize the need for a permanent crack repair service. He quickly transitioned to self-employment and started All American Basement Waterproofing, Inc.

Upon further study he also recognized that inside drain tile systems, which are the industry standard, will not keep water out of the foundation walls. The more heavily marketed companies only guarantee a dry floor, and allow seepage to pass through the walls to be diverted through a gap between the wall/floor interface into the drain tile system.

Only exterior waterproof coating, membrane and drain tile system can insure a dry basement. AABW's unique outside waterproofing system insures water never comes in contact with the foundation wall, as originally designed. It's why architechs and engineers design foundations with outside waterproofing.

Since 1978, All American Basement Waterproofing Inc., has permanently repaired over 10,000 foundation cracks with Liquid Rebar™, as well as, thousands of leaking soil pipes, electrical conduit, gas pipes, and all types of wall leaks. We have installed approximately 2000 Rain Drains for down spout, sump discharge and yard drainage since 1995.

We are committed to providing the best products and services to meet the needs of property owners and help you understand what you can do to minimize basement seepage.

For peace of mind before you purchase property or remodel, make an appointment for a foundation inspection.

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